Types of Leases

Trimarc provides a myriad of products to meet your lease financing and business solutions needs

Operating Leases

These leases provide maximum flexibility. Your end of lease options include: purchasing the equipment for fair market value; renewing the lease terms; or returning the equipment to Trimarc.

  • Minimum monthly payments
  • Favorable accounting
  • Maximum flexibility
  • No risk of obsolescence

Capital Leases

These leases provide you with fixed financing when you want to own the equipment.


  • Fixed rate throughout the lease term.
  • Ownership of equipment at end of the lease.
  • Tax benefits retained by the lessee.

Hybrid Leases

These leases provide you line item options for various types of equipment, if you want to own some items of equipment and return others.


  • Fixed payments throughout the lease term.
  • Matching equipment use with lease structure.
  • Lease structure flexibility.
  • Ownership of certain items at lease expiration.

Step Leases

A step lease provides you with lower payments at the inception of the lease, with payment graduations as the term progresses.


  • Matching equipment use with lease structure.
  • Lease structure flexibility (capital or operating).
  • Allows equipment use at a reduced cost until full utilization is realized.
  • Maximum flexibility

Seasonal Leases

A seasonal lease provides payment relief during certain periods of the year.


  • Ability to match times of equipment use with lease payments.
  • Lease structure flexibility (capital or operating).
  • Helps manage cash flow and operating cost.

Deferred Payments

You can get the equipment you need now, and start paying for it during your next budget year.


  • Enables the purchase of new equipment while deferring the cost to later periods.
  • Lease structure flexibility (capital or operating).
  • Meets emergency equipment needs with minimal effort.

Lease Lines of Credit

A lease line of credit enables you to accommodate various equipment purchases during multiple time periods with ultimate ease.


  • Ability to establish a larger financing facility to accommodate anticipated purchases over a long period of time.
  • Streamlined administrative process enables additional financing with minimum effort.
  • You can consolidate purchases from different vendors and calendar periods into pre-planned lease schedules.

Sale Leaseback

You can control the acquisition of equipment and management of your vendors and then get reimbursement for paid amounts.


  • Enables you to completely control the purchase of various types of equipment from multiple vendors over extended time periods.
  • At completion of the project, Trimarc will reimburse all amounts that you paid.
  • All equipment can be placed on one lease schedule with a structure and term that meets your needs.
  • Maximum flexibility

Why Lease? Advantages of Leasing

Stay on the cutting edge by leveraging the latest technology while freeing up capital to build your business.

What We Lease

We will finance your hardware, software, implementation costs, forklifts, CNC machines, new HVAC or any leasing need all under one comprehensive master lease agreement

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