Advantages of Leasing

Unlike captive or specialist financing sources, our range is unlimited.

Leasing provides 100% financing

Our leases simply require a minimal deposit. Trimarc pays your vendor in full including installation, delivery and applicable taxes.

Leasing preserves credit lines

Trimarc provides financing for your capital equipment so that your lines of credit are preserved for working capital, inventory, and unexpected emergencies.

Leasing increases purchasing power

We increase your purchasing power by enabling you to finance the right equipment for your growth.

Leasing balances expense and revenue

Leasing allows you to set a fixed monthly payment for the use of equipment, matching the expense to the revenue.

Leasing provides fixed rate financing

Our fixed leases are not subject to market fluctuations and rate increases. Monthly payments are negotiated up front and secured for the life of the lease. This facilitates cash flow projections and budgeting.

Leasing is convenient

Unlike bank loans and other alternative types of financing, leasing is easy and convenient. We use a master lease and a streamlined paperwork and funding process.

Leasing is tax-advantaged

Lease agreements can transfer tax benefits to you. Alternatively, any tax benefit received as a result of the ownership of the equipment by Trimarc is passed on to you in the form of lower lease payments.

Leasing is a hedge against obsolescence

Since you only pay for the use of the equipment, you do not own equipment that continuously depreciates. Cash savings generated from leasing can provide a return that fights inflationary pressures.

Leasing provides options

Leasing provides flexible end of lease options. At the end of the lease term, equipment can be returned, purchased, or the term of the lease can be extended.

Why Lease? Advantages of Leasing

Stay on the cutting edge by leveraging the latest technology while freeing up capital to build your business.

What We Lease

We will finance your hardware, software, implementation costs, forklifts, CNC machines, new HVAC or any leasing need all under one comprehensive master lease agreement

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Trimarc Financial, Inc. is focused on building financial solutions designed for your business, while developing long-term relationships based on honesty, integrity, and trust.