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3 Easy Steps to Lease Financing


Customer Referral

Find out how you can get free equipment, reduced rates or a donation to your selected charity.


Equipment Opportunity

Are you selling or acquiring equipment. We can sell your equipment and get great discounts on your new equipment!


Venture Capital Requirement

Tell us your story and we will evaluate your proposal and discuss financing opportunities with you.


Broker Application

Find out how you can become a Trimarc partner.


Lender Application

Are you looking for quality paper?


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Are you interested in selling more of your product?





Why Lease?
Advantages of Leasing

Stay on the cutting edge by leveraging the latest technology�while freeing up capital to build your business.

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What we Lease

We will finance your hardware, software, implementation costs, forklifts, CNC machines, new HVAC�or any leasing need�all under one comprehensive master lease agreement

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Our Relationships = Our Greatest Assets

Trimarc Financial, Inc. is focused on building financial solutions designed for your business, while developing long-term relationships based on honesty, integrity, and trust.

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